Hello readers,

On this site you will find ideas about picture books – the importance of reading to your child, picture book suggestions, ways to make reading a fun past time, picture books as gifts, picture book showers and occasionally tips about writing a picture book.

I started this blog because I just finished self publishing my own picture book, “Before I Was Born.”  This book was an outgrowth of many conversations that I had with my grandson, Lucas.

I was so taken by his imagining a place where he could do anything, anytime but also at the same time wanting to be a little child with his parents.  So I wrote “Before I Was Born”.  But, after I wrote it and had all the beautiful illustrations done by Carissa, I wanted to help other children to discover new worlds and new ideas through reading.

So, I decided to partner with a wonderful organization, Story Storks (STORYSTORKS.ORG).  The beautiful people in this organization deliver a book and a packet about literacy to mothers of newborn children in local hospitals.  So the profits from “Before I Was Born” will go to Story Storks to pay forward the happiness I have received from writing the book.

“Before I Was Born” is beautifully illustrated in midcentury style.  It is an appropriate gift for a boy or a girl and has been illustrated to be multi racial.  It has a page for the recipient to put their child’s picture and another page for personalization.

“Before I was Born” is available at my Etsy Store – Bernadette’s Books.

I hope you will take a look at it and consider buying it for yourself or as a present.  And I hope you come back to read some of the fun stuff about literacy, parties, books and writing that I plan on posting.


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