Illustrated Poetry

Lately I have been thinking about rhyme.  And how important rhyme is in helping a young child to learn.  The best part about rhyme is young children usually are having such a happy time learning the rhyme that they don’t even realize any learning is going on.   I taught each of my sons to spell their names by adapting the lyrics to Bingo was his namo to their names.

I started to look for illustrated poetry books for children.  Something that would take their experience beyond the usual nursery rhymes, something that parents and children could equally enjoy.

I stumbled across God got a dog.  GodGotDog1

It is written by Newbury winner, Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Caldecott honored, Marla Frazee.  This little book will make your heart sing.  Read it to your children and read it for yourself.  I promise you will come away from this book with your heart lighter and a smile on your face.  The following is the first poem in this book:


Also, don’t forget my book, Before I Was Born.  It makes a wonderful present. When you buy Before I Was Born you are giving two gifts.  A gift to the child who receives the book and a gift to a unknown child who benefits from the sale of the book.  I donate 100% of the cost of the book to Story Storks.  The folks over at Story Storks give a new book and a packet on literacy to children born in two area hospitals.  If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, just send me an Email at  The cost of the book is $20 and will be tax deductible for you.

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